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Achilleo Palace - Paleokastritsa.
Time: 09.00 - 16.00

In the first part of excursion we shall visit Achilleo Palace . Charmed by beauty of an island, Austrian Queen Elizabeth, has ordered to erect this palace, in which her soul has found rest. Some years back the palece were reconstructed and now represents an exact copy of those years. In halls of it you will see ancient pictures and bareliefs. The fascinating panorama of an island, which opens from height of the palace, for a long time remain in your memory. In the second part of excursion you visit western coast of the Corfu island. Many known writers and artists admired with beauty of this coast washed by Adriatics. On distance of 26 kms from capital of an island there is town - Paleokastritsa, most beautiful at western coast. Cleanest waters of Adriatics attract tourists from all world. Here you visit a man's monastery Zoodochu Pigis (13 century), with working church, and museum on territory of a monastery. The opportunity will be presented to you to be expiated on beaches of this coast. In Paleokastritsa a wide range Greek tavernas, where you can have dinner. The excursion by visiting Lacones village comes to an end, there opens unforgettable view to the western coast. You will have opportunity to embody this view on a photo.

Time: 09.00 - 17.00

This travel by the ship along east coast of an island washed by Ionian sea, hardly will leave you indifferent. From a deck of the ship you will see beauteful lines of a coast, magnificent beaches and turquoise gulfs. Further our ship will moor to a coast, where you can be expiated. The captain of the ship will prepare for you dinner consisting of the Greek dishes. Then we shall set off in picturesque town Kassiopi, kept in traditional Corfu style. In Kassiopi you will have opportunity to admire ruins of the Byzantian fortress and simply to walk on old streets.

Time: 20.00 - 24.00

What can be better then evening in a traditional greek tavern?
Just an evening in greek tavern with traditional greek dances and songs.
And when young wine is poured by the river, the evening becomes unforgettable!
The "Tripa" tavern is the most popular on an island. This tavern was visited by known all over the world politics and businessmen: the president of France Fransua Meteran, Greek millionare Aristotelis Onasis, first president of Russia Boris Eltsin and other known people.
During evenings you will see styled representation with the Greek music and dances, try national dishes, home white and red wines (without restriction).

Time: 09.00 15.00

From old port of Kerkyra city arrives the ship Kalypso Star. Transparent bottom of the ship will allow you to admire beauty of the underwater world, and also the specially organized representation with participation sea lions will convince you of correctness of a choice of travel on an island Corfu.
Then we shall return in capital of an island - city of Kerkyra, where you will get acquainted to an old part of city. The buildings are constructed: some in the English style, others - with obvious attributes of the French influence, third keep a fidelity to local traditions. And also we shall visit church of Holy Spiridonas - patron of the Corfu island. Here is stored silver sarcofagus, decorated by jewels, containing holy flesh. Some valuable icons are collected in the church, assembly of gold and silver, the gift to the patron. After excursion you will have opportunity to explore the city independently.

(excursion to the northern part of Corfu).
Time: 09.00 - 17.00

During realization of this excursion the opportunity will be presented to you to examine northern part of the Corfu island and to visit most known villages at northern coast.
We will begin our excursion with Kassiopi town - large cultural and tourist centre. You will see ruins of the palace of the Byzantian dictator glorified by the extreme cruelty. In the Middle Ages in the lock of the tyrant were shafts with tigers, in which he threw objectionable people.
Also in Kassiopi there are ruins of a temple of Zeus - rare monument of antique culture.
Then our way runs through village of Acharavi, which is considered as the centre youth movement in north of an island
After Acharavi you visit Roda, in which you will have opportunity to visit one of local tavern, considered by best at coast
Last item of our excursion will be Sidari village, where you will see one of the main sights of north of an island Corfu - Channel di Amur (channel of all who is in love). It is considered, that sweeming in the Channel di Amur you soon will find your love or reconcile with the close man who is taking place with you in quarrel.
There you will have opportunity to test on yourself action of a medical dirt, which, on local belives, cures hundred illnesses.


(Visiting of the smallest islands of Ionian archipelago and continental Greece). Time: 09.00 - 19.00 (everyday, except Tuesday).

Open water sea, sun and smooth breeze will accompany you during this excursion. On the ship you can relax and enjoy the beauty of open Ionian sea.
The first stop (at 2 hours 30 minutes) will be in small town Parga (western part of continental Greece). In city you will rise on a mountain, where is ancient church, and will see amazing panorama. You will have time to be expiated and sweem on a sandy beach or to visit set of suveneer shops.
Then we shall continue our cruise. The following stop will be on an island Paxi. You will get acquainted to one of the smallest islands of Greece. Sweeming in open sea and rest on a sandy beach of an island for a long time will stay in your memory. Time of stay on an island 2 hours 30 minutes.
Further ship will hold a rate on an island Antipaxos. White sand of beaches and turquoise sea will make you to forget about everything in the world. Time of stay on an island 2 hours.
(Order of visiting islands can be changed).

Time: 09.00 - 19.00 (Monday, Thursday, Saturday).

At 09.00 in the morning the ship departures from port of. Corfu to coast of Albania. Time in the way is 30 minutes. After passage of passport control in city Ag. Saranda the foot excursion on city with the guide (30 - 45 minutes) begins.
Further tourists can independently take a walk on city or for an additional payment to continue excursion (by the bus) on Albania.
During additional excursion you will pass along southern coast (20 kms) and visit ancient city Vouthrota. You will get acquainted with numerous archeological monuments, visit ancient theatre and temple with an invaluable mosaic. Having seen all this to you will seem, that the time has stopped here for 2500 years. After that you will reach of top of a hill, where visit church Ali Passa (known turkish warior). From top of a hill opens perfect view to ancient city. Further we shall return to Ag. Saranda and by the ship we shall return to port of Corfu town.
Obligatory surcharge for the tax in port of Albania - 3000 drahmas.
Excursion by the bus (at will) - 6000 drahmas.

(Visiting mysterious caves with stalactites and stalagmites).
Time: 09.00 - 19.00 (Wednesday, Friday).

You will see one of the most beautiful islands of Ionian archipelago - Kafalonia. During fascinating cruise (time in way 2 hours 45 minutes) you will enjoy a panorama of open Ionian sea, and you will see: an island of "mouse" (small island under the form reminding the mouse), island Paxos, Antipaxos, Lefkada and Ithaka.
On arrival on an island Kefalonia (port Sami), we shall begin our fascinating excursion on an island.
The acquaintance with Kefalonia will begin from visiting Drogarati cave, where you will see thousand years old stalactites and stalagmites. Further by boats those who wish can set off to a "blue" lagoon Melissani (additional payment). The following stop will be on an island Karavomilos, which beauty force the tourists to make "thousand" photosnapshots and for a long time remain in memory. We shall continue our travel on an island and visit picturesque Greek village of Holy Efimios. You will have time to be expiated and sweem on perfect beaches of an island, and also taste some dishes of national kitchen in tavernas.

(Good excursion for you and your children).
Time: 09.00 - 17.00 (everyday).

The visiting aquapark will for a long time be remembered by adults and especially by children.
At your service in territory of aquapark: seats and umbrellas, cabins for changing clothes, shower, restaurant, cafe, bar.
In territory of aquapark there are 15 various attractions: "Kamikadze", four closed (pipes), two huge spiral roads, four straight open hills, special (mashrooms) for small children, slowly driven (river), open jakouzy and many others.
We advise you to not forget: a towel and cream for sunburns.

(full of charm excursion on the ship).
Time: 18.30 - 23.00 (every Friday).

Studying night life of cities of the world, do not bypass Corfu.
This complete charm the walk by the ship will present you unforgettable sensations and for ever remain in your memory, as one of the most pleasant evenings of your life.
You will see small island Vido in beams of sunset, will round an old part of Kerkyra city and enjoy the view of an Old and New fortress covered by night fires.
The view of palace of Greek king will not leave you indifferent.
Then you will make a small stop on island Pontikonisi - island the Mouse, on which now there is a working female monastery.
Coming back, you will make a two-hour stop in Corfu town and would be able to explore ancient streets and have a drink cup of evening Greek coffee.

Time: 07.00 - 13.00

This individual trip is intended for the fans of fishing.
On a fishing boat, in support of skilled fisherman, you can wholly enjoy goddness of early Greek morning and catch to yourselves for dinner a tasty local fish.
All fishing ammunition will be given to you.
Happy fishing!

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